RS485 connection:

  • Yes

WLAN connection: 

  • No official option. 

  • (But we know that customers use wifi bridges which are internally connected with one Ethernet port and then create a wifi hotspot.)

Ethernet connection:

  • Yes, 

  • All inverter has an internal webserver. This is a mini data logger. You can connect the inverter via Ethernet cable to a router and can log in to the inverter and see the production, current, voltage, etc. You can also send the data to a portal.

Extra accessories for communication:

  • Do not need, check ethernet connection above

Extra fee for monitoring web portal:

  • Yes. 


  • Master-slave configuration is not possible

  • they must commission every single inverter on the field, 

  •  it is possible to configure one inverter and then connect you your laptop with the inverter and save the configuration as a .txt file. Then connect you your laptop with the next inverter and upload the configuration .txt file. It is important that all inverters have the same software level

  • Further information check Kaco website