This communication is only for full version Primo/Symo/Eco. For Light version check Note below. 

RS485 Connection:

  • Yes

  • For smart meter and for battery

Ethernet Connection:

  • Yes

  • 3 ports, 2 for master-slave configuration, 1 for LAN connection for Laptop/internet

    •  2 ports for DATCOM (system IN, OUT) which use SolarNet protocol

    • 1 port for LAN connection to the local router

WLAN connection:

  • Yes

  • Further instruction on Fronius document

Extra fee for monitoring web portal:

  • No

  • The portal Solar.web is for CZ and SK customers for free, also the Solar.web Premium. In other countries, a payment can be required.


  • Master-Slave needs 1 master (full version) and the rest up to 30 light version as slave. If more then use more master. Otherwise the DATCOM is not so fast (delays in the communication loop).

  • Light version doesn't have the Datamanager card 2.0. It could be purchased separately and install into a Light version to make it Full version. 

  • Ligh version alone have only monitoring on the inverter LCD display.