- SUN2000L-2-5KTL

- SUN2000-3-10KTL-M0

- SUN2000-12-20KTL-M0

- SUN2000-33KTL-A/ 36KTL

- SUN2000-50/60KTL-M0

RS485 Connection:

  • YES
  • 2 RS485 ports for master slave and smart meter connection

Ethernet Connection:

  • No

WLAN connection:

  • yes (with exception) 
    • - SUN2000L-2-5KTL: integrated

      - SUN2000-3-10KTL-M0: WLAN dongle inside the package 

      - SUN2000-12-20KTL-M0: WLAN dongle must be purchase

      - SUN2000-33KTL-A/ 36KTL: smart logger 1000A needed 

      - SUN2000-50/60KTL-M0: smart logger 1000A needed 

  • Local commissioning: Check note below, 

    • Built-in WLAN means similar to Setapp, the installer can connect their phone with the inverter when they stand next to the inverter. WLAN dongle work like antenna. 

Extra fee for monitoring web portal:

  • NO
  • Check the note below