• X1 Mini
  • X1 Mini G3.1
  • X1 Boost
  • X3 Mic G2
  • X3 Pro G2 
  • X3 Max G1
  • X3 Mega G2
  • X3 Mega G1
  • X3 Forth
  • X1 Hyrbid G4
  • X3 Hybrid G4.2 
  • X3 Hybrid G4.0/4.1

RS485 Connection:

  • YES

Ethernet Connection:

  • Yes
  • Need to buy Pocket LAN dongle 

WLAN connection:

  • yes 
  • Need to buy Pocket Wifi dongle

Master-Slave operation:

  • X3 Inverters: Not possible 
  • X1 Inverters: Not possible
  • X1 Hybrid inverters: Not possible
  • X3 Hybrid inverters: Possible via RS485 cable

Extra fee for monitoring web portal:

Dongle and inverter compatibility: