• SMA Core 1 STP50-40

RS485 Connection:

  • YES
  • Need to purchase RS485 Module

Ethernet Connection:

  • Yes
  • Integrated into the inverter
  • If more than 4 units on 1 site, the SMA Data Manager M need to be purchased (link)
  • Daisy chain distance between 2 inverters could be up to 100 m

WLAN connection:

  • yes 
  • Antenna Extension kit could be purchased for a better connection. 

Extra fee for monitoring web portal:

  • Yes
  • Link: 
  • The standard version of portal is free
  • Professional version cost 600 EUR per year with VAT, can be upgraded anytime by installer


  • Up to 50 inverters can be controlled with single SMA Data Manager M
  • Expansion module for  environmental sensor could be purchased and plug into the inverter
  • Installation Manual